Passports EP

A release by RBCHMBRS


Liquid Dream

A brooding and innovative development of this artist’s 3rd release on the label – RBCHMBRS continues to add testaments to the diversity and creativity of whats become his own nameless genre – The Passports EP contains 4 tracks that are journeys within journeys in a timeless space.

Thaniil Theoharris returns to 1432 R with another brain bender that’s a seamless fusion of atmospheric and otherworldly soundscapes. Euphoria and wonder are natural companions to this unique and captivating experience.

Turn up the volume and let the massive intensity wash over you – this is experimental electronic music at its finest.

an Ultimate Escape

Turn up the volume and let the massive intensity wash over..

Also by RBCHMBRS on 1432 R

Estrella EP

The Estrella EP by RBCHMBRS is a sonic journey through a dreamlike world of textured beats, haunting melodies, and ethereal vocals. With its richly layered production and intricate soundscapes, this EP invites creative and musically inclined listeners to explore the limitless possibilities of electronic music.


Toe the Line EP

The Toe the Line EP by RBCHMBRS offers a transcendent opportunity that defies conventional genre boundaries and takes listeners on an otherworldly adventure through a kaleidoscopic landscape of sound. With its intricate rhythms, lush textures, and haunting melodies, this EP offers a surreal and avant-garde experience for those who are willing to let go of their preconceptions of music.






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