Toe the Line EP

RBCHMBRS pushes the boundaries of sample-based production, drawing inspiration from hip-hop instrumentals and the groovy, upbeat sound of UKG to create a sound that is rich in depth and nuance.

RBCHMBRS’ latest release, the Toe the Line EP, is a departure from his previous work, aiming for a more stripped-down sound that is less experimental and more grounded in reality. Armed with his SP-404, RBCHMBRS strives to maintain a playful and innovative approach to his music, avoiding falling into a nostalgic trap that may prevent growth as an artist

Thaniil’s diverse cultural background, with a Greek and Dominican heritage, exposed him to a wide range of musical styles from an early age. While he grew up listening to classic Greek music and disco through his mother’s love of dance, he was also surrounded by the eclectic mix of sounds in Queens, New York, which influenced his musical tastes and style.

Thaniil credits his history teachers, who introduced him to new cultures, and his father, a history buff, for instilling in him a respect for the classics and the importance of learning from the past. His musical foundation is rooted in the works of Madlib, Timbaland (especially his early work), Q Tip, Havoc, Alchemist, UKG, and the vibrant culture surrounding the NBA in the 90s, which greatly influenced him during his formative years.

Staying true to his roots, RBCHMBRS collaborates closely with his cousin, the critically acclaimed emcee/producer THERAVADA, who he worked with on the Earl Sweatshirt track “Sick”. Currently, RBCHMBRS is busy crafting a sprawling dance album alongside Tesh Curry. With such exciting projects on the horizon, RBCHMBRS’ fans can look forward to a lot of great music in the future.

also by RBCHMBRS on 1432 R

Estrella EP

The Estrella EP by RBCHMBRS is a sonic journey through a dreamlike world of textured beats, haunting melodies, and bugged out takes on melody. With its richly layered production and intricate soundscapes, this EP invites creative and musically inclined listeners to explore the limitless possibilities of electronic music.


Passports EP

Thaniil Theoharris returns to 1432 R with another brain bender that’s a seamless fusion of atmospheric and otherworldly soundscapes. Euphoria and wonder are natural companions to this unique and captivating experience.

B Side EP Art for Passports EP

Turn up the volume and let the massive intensity wash over you – this is experimental electronic music at its finest.






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