Truancy Volume 312: Sami

Dualities can lead to life’s more fascinating moments, and in music, generate some of its most spirited sounds. Seamlessly tapping into this quality, the DJ, producer, and award-winning journalist, Sami, consistently explores the contrasts that exist within this world, channeling joy, sadness, pain, and brightness through his work as he fills seemingly disparate roles as a musical artist and Executive Producer at NPR. A deep love of house music and appreciation of its roots bleeds into all aspects of his artistry, showcased in his blissful and evocative productions across releases for labels such as 1432 R and Future Times, and within his skillful, infectious DJ sets.

Over the 20 years he’s lived in Washington, DC, Sami’s constant involvement with the DC dance community has built unshakeable connections, and his desire to see his musical peers shine and their artistry celebrated can’t be overstated. This passion for his community has also led Sami to a number of inspired collaborations and co-productions, including writing credits on the latest dreamcastmoe record, Sound Is Like Water, plus recent live sets and a new track with rapper Sir E.U, which was recently featured in livwutang’s Impact mix. Sami’s latest EP, Elevate, released July 2023 on beloved DC label 1432 R, explores a wide range of perspectives on house music as each track imagines a unique sonic landscape. Immersive, sensual, and featuring the sun-kissed sound of Sami’s flute playing, Elevate embodies summer bliss with its whimsical touches and melodic embrace.

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