About Us

1432 R the Label

1432 R is an independent record label based out of Washington DC. The label was founded in April 2014 and specializes in experimental electronic music. 1432 R presses small batches of vinyl records distributed worldwide by Rubadub. The music stays available through streaming platforms online. Each record hopes to change the way that the listener perceives the world through lovely experimentation. The art direction and curation of the music is by Joyce Lim. The music has helped create new genres of music, reformulated existing ones, and paid homage to lasting traditions. Everything published has been informed with a deep reverence towards beauty and wonder.

Pushing the boundaries of what electronic music can define has become a compulsive practice. We believe in the power of music to transcend genres, challenge convention, and speak to the deepest corners of the human experience. We encourage our artists to embrace the unknown. Whether it’s glitched-out IDM, immersive ambient textures, or mind-bending techno, we celebrate the unexpected. Our releases are a testament to the limitless possibilities of sound. We know that one of the roles of an artist is to imagine and reimagine the future.

Extended Family

Extended Family is a DJ mix series designed to highlight the overwhelming talent from the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Something about this place has enabled it to encourage a startling creative community. The mix series has been blessed from projects by not only DJs but journalists, record shop owners, party promoters, and label heads. Every person has been vetted not only for their unique tastes but for the goodness of their character. Kindness and generosity are prerequisites to join this circle of friends, but the music is stellar, too. Each mix has been uploaded to SoundCloud and is free to download, with a tracklist attached.

1432 R and Extended Family are projects cared for by Joyce Lim. Reach Joyce at joyce@1432r.link.


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