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Pushing the boundaries of what electronic music can define has become a compulsive practice. We believe in the power of music to transcend genres, challenge convention, and speak to the deepest corners of the human experience.

We encourage our artists to embrace the unknown. Whether it’s glitched-out IDM, immersive ambient textures, or mind-bending techno, we celebrate the unexpected. Our releases are a testament to the limitless possibilities of sound.

1432 R was founded in April 2014 by Joyce Lim, Dawit Eklund, and Sami Yenigun. The label’s operations and art direction are managed by Joyce Lim. 1432 R is based in Washington DC.

B Side EP Art for Passports EP

We know that one of the roles of an artist is to imagine and reimagine the future.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of community.

We are committed to creating wonder through experimentation.

Send inquiries to Joyce at JOYCE@1432R.LINK

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