Author: Joyce Lim

  • D.C. DJ Sami brings a secret weapon to his dance music: A flute

    D.C. DJ Sami brings a secret weapon to his dance music: A flute

    “Way Up,” a standout track on Sami’s “Elevate” EP — his first collection of new music in nearly five years — begins down a path that will be familiar to those who have heard the music he’s produced, DJed or released on 1432 R, the label he co-founded: Chitter-chatter percussion and percolating bass give way to hands-in-air…

  • Toe the Line EP Release Party: RBCHMBRS (Live)

    Toe the Line EP Release Party: RBCHMBRS (Live)

    Click here to buy ticketsSell tickets online with Ticket Tailor RBCHMBRS returns to Washington DC imprint 1432 R with his 3rd release on the label, the Toe the Line EP.  With support from long time collaborator and home town hero Sir EU and label head Joyce Lim, the 21st release for 1432 R will receive…

  • Toe the Line EP

    Toe the Line EP

    RBCHMBRS pushes the boundaries of sample-based production, drawing inspiration from hip-hop instrumentals and the groovy, upbeat sound of UKG to create a sound that is rich in depth and nuance. RBCHMBRS’ latest release, the Toe the Line EP, is a departure from his previous work, aiming for a more stripped-down sound that is less experimental…

  • EF29 Dreamcast

    Davon Bryant Aka Dreamcast, A Lifelong Denizen Of Washington DC, Repurposes Some Tough Experiences Into Tender Moments, Creating Music That’s Vulnerable, Haunting, And Romantic. For Extended Family, Bryant Reaches Into His Funky, Soulful, House Heavy Collection To Present A Collage Of The Cool And The Wonderful. EF29 Between Water By Dreamcast Peven Everett – Stuck (original…

  • Passports EP

    Passports EP

    A release by RBCHMBRS 1432R013 Liquid Dream A brooding and innovative development of this artist’s 3rd release on the label – RBCHMBRS continues to add testaments to the diversity and creativity of whats become his own nameless genre – The Passports EP contains 4 tracks that are journeys within journeys in a timeless space.

  • New Life by Dawit Eklund

    New Life by Dawit Eklund

    “New Life” is a pitch-perfect tribute to sweaty mornings on the dancefloor – A review by Madison Bloom in Pitchfork

  • Rise by Dawit & Dolo

    Rise by Dawit & Dolo

    By Philip Sherburne No matter what selfish instincts may drive Capitol Hill these days, the collective spirit has always ruled D.C.’s music community: Just see the vast family tree of punk’s iconic Dischord Records, for example, or the extensive web of connections behind the Positive Force collective. In recent years, the same has proven to be true…

  • Estrella EP

    Estrella EP

    By RBCHMBRS The Estrella EP by RBCHMBRS is a sonic journey through a dreamlike world of textured beats, haunting melodies, and bugged out takes on melody. With its richly layered production and intricate soundscapes, this EP invites creative and musically inclined listeners to explore the limitless possibilities of electronic music. RBCHMBRS effortlessly blends genres and…

  • Jump Into The Hyperloop With rbchmbrs’s ’90s Jungle-Inspired “Estrella”

    Jump Into The Hyperloop With rbchmbrs’s ’90s Jungle-Inspired “Estrella”

    The frantic track carries U.K. influences and is from his upcoming Estrella EP, out November 7 from D.C. label 1432 R. By Anzhe Zhang As an avid Adult Swim fan, one of my favorite things about the late-night television block is the smooth electronic and instrumental hip-hop music that characterizes their commercial bumps. Something about the…

  • How a small D.C. record label became a hotbed of modern Ethiopian Sounds

    How a small D.C. record label became a hotbed of modern Ethiopian Sounds

    1432 R debuted with a brand new artist and a brand new sound. Mikael Seifu invents Ethiopiyawi here and changes history.