Stealth Mode EP

Jackson Ryland debuts on 1432 R with some sublime house & techno. As one half of DC duo Rush Plus, he’s no stranger to high speeds and booming percussion.

Rush Plus Records debuted in June of 2016 and produced a number of vinyl self-releases, an ambient cassette album. The duo followed with 2×12″ releases on E-Missions (2018-19) and an EP on Valence Records. They went on to experiment with another imprint Metro Xpress in 2018 with Jackson’s Escape From DC EP.

Jackson has worked with LPZ, Bordon, Clarissa Kimski, Joyce Lim, and Sami Yenigun. He’s played at parties all over DC, Good Room in Brooklyn, the Zapateo Festival,

In his home studio, Jackson is using a

His work has been acclaimed by Truants Blog, Resident Advisor, the Washington Post,

For 1432 R, he’s weaved a serious four-tracker from grainy pads, squelching synths, and scorched drums. All spun out in single take sessions. Focused, honest, and fresh, Stealth Mode is a record with barreling rhythms and soul stirring harmonies. A mix of menace and melancholy, shadows and strobes.

Hailing from Virginia, Jackson Ryland has spent the last decade within Washington DC, steadily carving his craft. His own imprint, Rush Plus, was founded in [enter date] here with Justin Nouhra. He’s also released on Shanti Celeste’s label, Peaches, as well as legendary DC label Future Times. He’s also released work with Fixed Rhythms, Juke Bounce Werk, Valence, Pleasant Life, STEP, Holic Trax, Music Is Love, Scucci Manucci, Dabit Records, and Atlantic Rhythms. He’s spanned genres of techno, jungle, and house with an informed and experimental tint.

Alongside Max D (Future Times labelhead), he’s released music together as Superabundance. At first impression, Jackson can seem reserved, but unfolds as an affable and easy going delightful person with a tendency towards silliness when in a safe place. Discussions will reveal his gentle thoughtfulness thats graced with an ever flowering will to improve his methods and perspectives. DC will always be lucky to have him.

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