1432 R the Label

good music from nice people

1432 R co founder and local Washington DC organizer publishes A Glitch In the Quicksand: 2 songs available on digital platforms only.

two experimental ideas from the label’s founder

Joyce Lim has for over a decade been steady in releasing off kilter and avant garde sounds. With each attempt to define her identity, a new challenge helps reformulate her.

Joyce also helped found Dance Club, a Washington DC based queer party focused on celebrating the robust dance floors of DC. Being community focused does lace all of her projects, whether it’s this label or her DC based mix series called Extended Family. 

The two songs reflect the artist’s careful desire towards creating new sounds while carrying the respect of older traditions. The title track creates an experimental soundscape that wavers between some sort of excitable meditations. The 2nd song, Story Time, displays the house background that makes up so much of the foundational influences from her earliest forays into dance music.