Bright Blue EP by Sami

Sami Yenigun’s debut EP on his own label. Music for rainy skies and sunny dancefloors. Cool, collected, and contagious.

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For the last twenty years, Sami Yenigun has DJed, thrown parties, released records and built community in Washington DC. He lived in and helped produce the underground event space Subterranean A. He’s a co-founder of the DC mega party ROAM. He started the label 1432 R alongside Joyce Lim and Dawit Eklund. He’s made music for Future Times, World Building, Rhythm Section, and Ghostly International. He’s produced for Dreamcastmoe and jammed with the Lifted crew.

Sami’s also an award-winning journalist and Executive Producer of the largest afternoon news broadcast in radio, All Things Considered. He’s won a Peabody, a Murrow, A World Press Photo Award and a National Press Club Award for his work, which includes creating a show with the legendary DJs Stretch and Bobbito, serving as editor of NPR’s podcast about race, Code Switch, and covering elections, epidemics, insurrections, and of course, music.

It’s a lot, but whether finding a flute that fits, an extra battery for his Marantz, or the energy to make beats after a week of telling stories, Sami’s enthusiasm for life, and the people in it, make it work.

The latest record, Elevate, is a testament to that enthusiasm. Four tracks that crackle and pulse with the same electricity that runs through all of what he makes. Just as Sami’s interests in his personal and professional life are ranging, so are his tastes for club fare, and you can hear it on this release.

Four views of mother nature: a forest and a mountain range; a wicked city and a well. Traced from house and techno, through a lens and back.

It’s a body of work that continues to branch and build. Elevate is a step into Sami’s next chapter: Where flutes, stories, queerness and truth curve together.