Crash and Build EP

Crash & Build…creativity born from destruction. Sami & Dreamcastmoe trace a story of hanging on, flaming out, letting go and building anew, finding their balance through life’s extremes. Bruising basslines and healing pads, gnarled vocals atop pristine percussion, cycling moods. Fast lane music from two fast friends.

1432 R released the Crash and Build EP a few weeks ago to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Somehow being a decade old gives the feeling of being young and old at the same time, of being educated yet still stupid, of feeling tired but still compelled. The paradox is a good reminder that paying too close attention to our feelings can be ineffective and self sabotaging when it comes to doing the work that’s already laid out. This digital release is a collaboration between Sami (1432 R) and Dreamcast.Moe (Ghostly), a natural product from countless late nights and the safe havens of an old friendship. We’ve all been there for each other over our entire creative journeys, on this plane where nothing and nobody is successful in a vacuum, where isolation can kill you. There’s a lot to be grateful for when you find people who can know everything about each other and still want to stick around for the whole ride.The music combines Sami’s refined palette with Davon’s cool saturation to paint some energizing landscapes.