Dimensions EP by Analog Tara

Prismatic dance music from practiced hands. The multi-talented author, historian, and composer Tara Rodgers returns to 1432 R with Dimensions, a lucid trip into house and techno. Striking lead lines wind around metal rhythms, shaking bass notes rub against textured pads. It’s a deeper look into Analog Tara’s brilliantly faceted sound, reflecting new light onto the dance floor.

Analog Tara teaches about the past like a prophet..

Dr. Tara Rodgers serves up another mature collection of pulsing techno that somehow finesses the line between the past and the future with these commanding tracks on Dimensions. Her sound is informed, expert, perfectly mixed. This release has influences of acid without ever becoming acid, stays slow building but never actually feels slow, and stays understated without being subtle. Euphoric but noisy at the same time, somehow. Psychedelic and amazing. DC is really lucky to have her, and 1432 R will always remain honored to have this record in the catalog.

Dr. Rodgers is a multi-instrumentalist composer and historian of electronic music. She is the author of Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound (2010) and several essays on the history of sound and synthesizers. Her music includes not only the techno on 1432 R but also several self-released albums, remixes for Beauty Pill and Le Tigre, and a compilation release on Move D’s Source Records. She has presented music and public lectures at MUTEK, Ableton Loop, and many other forums. She is a Queen.

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