Yarada Lij EP by Mikael Seifu 1432R001

Mikael Seifu is an Ethiopian electronic music producer committed to “Ethiopiyawi Electronic” – a coinage Seifu uses to describe the music he and his peers are producing in Ethiopia’s capital city of Addis-Ababa. Mikael’s music does not westernize or electronicize extant Ethiopian music. Instead, Seifu uses Ethio-Jazz’s spirit of brewing estranged styles for his own musical tincturing.

1432 R debuted on April 14th, 2014 with a brand new artist and a brand new genre. The Yarada Lij EP by Mikael Seifu was accepted with critical acclaim and genuine curiosity as the new sonic space of Ethiopian Electronic, or Ethiopiyawi. This debut EP was drawing from a long list of musical influences including Endeguena Mulu, Ben Neill, Burial, Zion Rebels, and R.F.. Yarada Lij is a fusion of Ethiopian folk, UK garage, & his own dream brew, “Ethiopian Electronic.” Yarada Lij is completely in a lane of its own.

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