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The 8 Best Mixes of the Month

By Philip Sherburne

Washington, D.C.’s 1432 R label may have a nondescript name—as addresses go, it’s the kind of house number you could walk back and forth in front of for like 10 minutes without noticing the correct door—but their sound is unmistakable for the way it mixes up lumpy machine beats with quavering synths and gooey samples, caked in resin, that sound like they’ve been scraped out of the grooves of moldering records. This mix for RVNG of mostly (all?) unreleased material comes from regulars like Mikael Seifu, Dawit Eklund, and Ethiopian Records as well as new-to-me names like RBCHMBRS and Zem Su Yung; music journo Sami Yenigun also turns up with two tracks, and if they’re the ones I think they are (the tracklisting’s a little tough to decipher; the whole thing floats by like a dream), he’s got a real way with squirrelly, idiosyncratic house grooves. 

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