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D.C. DJ Sami brings a secret weapon to his dance music: A flute

“Way Up,” a standout track on Sami’s “Elevate” EP — his first collection of new music in nearly five years — begins down a path that will be familiar to those who have heard the music he’s produced, DJed or released on 1432 R, the label he co-founded: Chitter-chatter percussion and percolating bass give way to hands-in-air rave synths, which sync up to an interlocking rhythm.

But the journey soon diverges, with the sound of something unfamiliar in most club music: wind-in-the-woods flute, as if Pan is beckoning the listener off the wall and onto the dance floor. And that’s not a sample or synthesizer; it’s Sami himself.

“If you had told me when I was a kid that I was going to be making dance music with [the flute], I would have laughed,” he says. “Everybody’s got a voice, and the flute is definitely a medium through which I express mine.”

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soso tharpa announces “Evolution” EP

Soso Tharpa Press Shot

The project is scheduled for a February 24 release.

soso tharpa has announced his first release of the year. Evolution EP will drop February 24 via 1432 R.

“The cats out of the bag, the record I made for 1432r three years ago is being released,” the Washington D.C. artist said on his social media.

According to the write up on Boomkat, the record is said to balance “classic and contemporary modes in an expressive suite of club styles rooted in African rhythms,” imbued with “stuttering Jersey kicks” and “classic NYC technohouse.”

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RA.754 Ethiopian Records

A rousing and humbling anti-war mix from Ethiopia’s electronic music hero.

Endeguena Mulu subtitled his RA Podcast “war is a racket.” Just days before he was due to send his submission in, he scrapped and remade the mix in the wake of what looks like a a burgeoning civil war in his home country of Ethiopia. Following an attack on a camp housing federal Ethiopian military troops in northern Tigray state attributed to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front—the political party and militia that ruled Ethiopia with an iron fist until 2018—the government sent troops to the semi-autonomous region and announced a six-month state of emergency. There are reports of mass killings blamed on the TPLF, while the state has been cut off from telecommunications as people have started to flee across the border amid fears of a new war. Mulu has been a vocal critic of both sides of the conflict, authoring several posts decrying the conflict as well as Ethiopia’s allies who have historically ignored the TPLF’s long and well-documented history of repression, human rights abuses and atrocities. So his new mix comes with a theme and a purpose. It’s defiant, mournful and filled with hope all at once: alongside the Ethiopiyawi electronic that Mulu has helped pioneer, there’s Digital Mystikz’ classic dubstep anthem “Anti-War Dub,” UK funky fusion from KG and rousing speeches from figures and leaders around Africa. It was made in Ableton on-the-fly like one of his live sets, incorporating samples along the way into a set that feels more emotional than functional, leading you from one heavy—and sometimes uplifting—feeling to the next. The specific circumstances of this mix shouldn’t take away from Mulu’s long and impressive record. He’s the originator of Ethiopiyawi electronic music, a hybridized strain of electronic music that doesn’t have a particular sound so much as it has a mission: to create new music from the incredibly rich and varied traditions of Ethiopia, from instruments whose histories go back thousands of years to the heritage of 20th-century Ethiopian jazz. It doesn’t even have to be electronic, necessarily, and Mulu’s output as Ethiopian Records—for labels like 1432 R and Warp’s Arcola offshoot—have been restless and inspiring. He’s not just the driving force for electronic music in Ethiopia, but an important and unique artist in a wider global, context too.

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Max D debuts on 1432 R with fourth album, Many Any LP

Listen to a new track, ‘Fly Around The Room’, now.

Max D, AKA Andrew Field-Pickering, has returned with a new album, Many Any.

The Future Times co-founder’s fourth full-length as Max D will arrive via Washington label 1432 R and is his first since his 2016 album Boost. Listen to a new track, ‘Fly Around The Room’, below.

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New Life by Dawit Eklund

By Madison Bloom

Dawit Eklund, one of Washington D.C.’s stalwart producers, makes music that is the stuff of basement rave glory. A staple of the city’s electronic label and collective 1432 R, Eklund excels at making seemingly effortless beats that reveal more details with each listen. On “New Life,” the first single from Eklund’s forthcoming Corona EP, he crafts a pitch-perfect tribute to sweaty mornings on the dancefloor.

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Rise by Dawit & Dolo

By Philip Sherburne

No matter what selfish instincts may drive Capitol Hill these days, the collective spirit has always ruled D.C.’s music community: Just see the vast family tree of punk’s iconic Dischord Records, for example, or the extensive web of connections behind the Positive Force collective. In recent years, the same has proven to be true of the city’s electronic music scene, as labels like Future Times and 1432 R have fostered a collaborative free-for-all among left-field producers. The duo of Dawit & Dolo represents a high-level summit between those two imprints, pairing 1432 R co-founder Dawit Eklund with Future Times’ Max D (Andrew Field-Pickering, aka Maxmillion Dunbar). Neither is a stranger to garbled frequencies or knotty constructions, which makes the clarity of their new house track, “Rise,” particularly striking. 

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