Truancy Volume 298: Jackson Ryland

For many regular Truants readers and speed-seeking techno connoisseurs, Jackson Ryland of Washington, DC hardly needs an introduction. Beyond the sounds and insights shared in his past Superabundance interview and Seven Plays takeover, the artist’s particular brand of electronic music, marked by driving rhythms and ethereal melodies, has continuously captivated artists and dancers worldwide. Displaying a robust imagination and creative versatility, Jackson Ryland approaches music-making with a childlike curiosity and intuitive lightness, which has led him to collaborate with a diverse set of beloved DC artists in addition to his prolific, multi-genre discography of solo EPs. 

Across releases for sought-after labels like 1432 RPeach DiscsPleasant Life, and Fixed Rhythms, whilst operating under a number of aliases over the years, the artist has freely explored sonics ranging from breakneck techno at staggering bpm levels, to down-tempo, ’90s chill-out tracks named for his pet cat. Presenting a mix that parallels his energetic DJ sets and fluid recording style, Truancy Volume 298 playfully transitions between house, techno, hardgroove, and electro with flowing ease, for an inspired 90 minutes of music from throughout the decades. In the accompanying interview, Jackson Ryland shares his perspective on the evolution of his sound, his latest EP as JR2k, production methods, recent club experiences, artistic inspirations, and the DC music scene.

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