Many Any LP by Max D



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Max D’s latest LP is the first full length album on 1432 R. It’s a milestone from the Future Times boss, who’s been holding it down in his creative corner of electronic music for over a decade. The album opens fast and fierce with I Think Our Souls Are Other People, a storm of live percussion and widescreen drone. And then from track to track, it strips itself down, mellows itself out, and rides on hypnotic loops. Many Any Dolo Brush is something of a cameo from Max’s Dolo Percussion moniker, giving way to the first of three field recording miniatures that glue the album together and provide a sort of romantic center. Fly Around The Room is a true half-time float, with a melody that sits in your ear while drums zip past. Shoutout Seefeel, a 130 mind cleanser, is full of the namesake shoe gaze and thick hovering techno drums. Lullabiological features the keyboards of 1432 R’s own Dawit Eklund, wandering off the deep end like some dream that can’t be shaken. Cuz It’s The Way rounds out the work with a groove made for the dance floor. Max D and 1432 R: we are always hopeful.


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