1432 R the Label


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North America

Joint Custody Washington DC, USA
Som Records Washington DC, USA
Brooklyn Record Exchange Brooklyn, USA
Downtown 304 Brooklyn, USA
Superior Elevation Brooklyn, USA
Impressions Philadelphia, USA
Mount Analog Los Angeles, USA
End of an Ear Austin, USA
All Day Records North Carolina, USA
Further Records Seattle, USA
Light in the Attic Seattle, USA
Signal Records Chicago, USA
M50 Chicago, USA


Vox Music Osaka, Japan
Grind Records Osaka, Japan
Record Station Tokyo, Japan
Sixth Garden Records Kyoto, Japan
Jet Set Records Kyoto, Japan


Shari-Vari Records Perth, Australia
Natural Selection Fitzroy, Australia


HHV Records Berlin, Germany
Latitude Records Berlin, Germany
VARY Leipzig, Germany
Inch by Inch Leipzig, Germany
Groove Attack Records Cologne, Germany
Decks.de Parchim, Germany
Sound and Matter Malmö, Sweden
Baba Luma Paris, France
Yoyaku Paris, France
Le Discopathe Montpelier, France
Proton Records Copenhagen, Denmark
Dig Store Armenia
Vinyl Hunter Suffolk, United Kingdom
Japhy East Sussex, United Kingdom
Vapour Trail Records Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
586 Records Gateshead, United Kingdom
Juno London, United Kingdom
Kristina Records London, United Kingdom
YAM Records London, United Kingdom
Wax Vinyl Records Bedford, United Kingdom
Vinyl Underground North Hampton, United Kingdom
XTCR Busto Arsizioc, Italy
I Want To Believe Records Roma, Italy
Disconutshot Lecce, Italy
3345 Leiden, The Netherlands
BOrdello A Parigi Amsterdam, The Netherlands
One Eye Witness Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Killacutz Records Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Off Center Den Haag, The Netherlands
Wally’s Groove World Antwerp, Belgium

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