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EF67 On the Road by Sami.Moe

EF67 – On the Road

Dawit Eklund – Drummer Girl 2.0
Nativesun – ??
Moais – Galaxy Express
?? – Crash The Benz
Sami – Marty & Jack
DJ Maaco – Gadget Man
Magic Plush – Mr. Mailman (feat. Bea S-P)
Aubrey – Breaking Out
DJ Deeon – Sex
Jazz N Groove – Keep Givin’ Me Love (Marc’s Lunch Pail Mix)
The Original – I Luv U Baby (Tall Paul Mix)
Agua Re – Holy Dance (Large Sound Mix)

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EF66 Tide Pools by Side II Side

Braden on His Bike photo by Joyce Lim


2562 – Channel 2
Christian Coiffure – Meet Her Stage 2
Liam Doc – Dont Wont About It
Faur – Deux
North Lake – Fornaxx
Bruce – I’m Alright Mate
Tano – Final Step
Gabe & Jude – Tabula Rasa
Ido Plumes – Albeit
Pocket – Hyperfunk Dub
Slikback – Bantu Zen
Piezo – Cutest Kitty Content
Setrus – Cream Gambit
Henzo – Humidity Valve (<<)
DJ Plead – El Es
Mosca – Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Pearson Sound – Earwig
aya & BFTT – Beam Me Up Stotty
ellian – A8
Kevin Murf – Last Minute
Kouslin – More Human
Batu – Other Means
Sun People – Tell Me Something
Namarone – Burning Touch
Jimmy Edgar – Wanna Do It
Regal86 – Checkyoself
Sully – Stop
Eusebeia – Hopes + Dreams
Wordcolour – Bluster (Djrum Remix)

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EF64 Champagne Mix by Babypufff


.mezer (the architect) – 748 Intro
MBERE – Pressure
Dj Crisps – Jazzism
Toby Ross – Make It Through (ft. P.A.B.)
Murder He Wrote – Regrets (Extended Mix)
Fonzo – Reality (ft. Ansza)
Bluetoof & Theo Everyday – Spillage In The Arcade
Sempra – Scuttle
Noneohone – Crave
Richard White – Ghost Notes
Bored Lored – Feel It
Park End – BBS
Peaky Beats – Dub Me Up
Mantra – Ala

Follow Babypufff on Soundcloud and Instagram. Follow Beatitude on Instagram and Resident Advisor.

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EF63 Tehom by Artemis

EF63 Tehom by Artemis

Michal Jablonski – iDroid
Tension – Challenger (Fixeer Remix)
Vågh – Hologram
Kalter Ende – False Structure
NWHR – Poisoned Minds
SNTS – Fearless
Linear System – Sine Attack
Kwartz – Reinforced Control
Ireen Amnes/Gramrcy – Bananabread
Arnaud Le Texier – Out of Phase
Uncertain– Terminate
Planetary Assault Systems – Rip The Cut (The Lady Machine Remix)
VX – Wolverine (Submerge Remix)
Cari Lekebusch – XXX
Subway – Constant
James Ruskin – Work (Steve Rachmad Mix)
Max Watts – Morrow
Shinedoe – Transcendental
Juana – S.A.O.Y.

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EF62 the Wee Hours by Gail Force One

“I have to show you the drag closet downstairs.” Gene Smilansky was leading me through his living room and past an upright piano with a sweet but mischievous grin and a buzzing confidence. It’s the weekend of Washington DC Pride 2022, and the closet he shows me at the base of the stairs holds a maximalist trove of feather boas, of highlighter colors, of heels, dresses unabashed, accessories of joy, baubles nested within more baubles, on and on. Unknown to me at the time was that Gene’s optimism and voraciousness for life stands as an American success story, and so in retrospect the parallels between this drag closet and the American dream feels like kismet. It’s a metaphor.

Gail Force One was born in western Ukraine in a beautiful city called Lviv, which at the time was the Soviet Union, in 1982. In the Soviet Union, Judaism was considered an ethnicity rather than a religion, and the identification as such was even listed in government IDs like passports. Unlike a religious identity that can be donned and shed at the person’s will, ethnicity based sorting means that the label remains for life, whether you practice the traditions or not.

With this mandatory categorization combined with rampant anti-semitism, the Soviet Union was a hostile place to be Jewish. Whether the Jewish people can be categorized as an ethnic or religious group has been debated, but the effects of their alienation are undeniable. His parents’ stories together began under this pressure, with his father telling his mother when he proposed that if she wanted to stay in the Soviet Union, she should say no and find somebody else, because he was leaving the first chance he got. There would be little nostalgia for what they would leave behind.

When they were 27 and Gene was 6, the Soviet Union stripped them of their citizenship as “traitors of the Motherland” following their application to leave the country. It would take them another two years to sort out the paperwork, an interminable bureaucratic purgatory of waiting for approval, a holdover in Vienna as they decided where to go, and another wait in Italy before receiving sponsorship from the Jewish community center of Nashville and refugee status in the United States. This process always took a long time, and there was no guarantee of success.

For Gene’s family, Tennessee was a faceless land of the unknown. They would arrive in December of 1989 with no connections, where Gene would absorb American culture with the type of zeal that can only be born from safety, hope, and curiosity. He was exposed not only to country music but also the MTV Top Hundred music video countdown, which he studied meticulously, while learning the language and rarely feeling homesick. The opportunity to reach for a masters degree in Engineering for his father and to continue computer programming for his mother not only signaled affirmation of their equality, something previously unrecognized, but also enabled Gene to thrive. He would go on to study abroad in the UK, go to Yale for a BA in Economics, and then law school at NYU, before boasting his current position as an attorney for the civil service where he currently works in environmental law. This enormous yet steady stream of accomplishments would have been unthinkable had his family been forced to stay in Lviv.

After moving to DC in 2012 with his partner, Smilansky found a thriving underground nightlife scene with artists like Shea van Horn, who would both DJ and perform as a drag artist. He recognized spaces that were valuable to him, made his life better, more full, and more joyous. Parties like the NeedlExchange, curated by Baronhawk Poitier, Tommy Cornelis, and Bill Todd, were throwing warehouse raves and bringing in queer talent from all over.

Being surrounded by a constant creative energy from performers, DJs, designers, and photographers allowed a space for Gene to evolve with the corresponding confidence that unfolds when a person becomes closer to their true self. It was spaces like these that gave Gene the inspiration to contribute something back. Inspiration and service often are sisters.

It’s not uncommon for people in this city to work for the government or participate in community activism during the day time, and in almost every direction on the dance floor you will find those who have committed their professional lives towards something other than themselves, towards helping out people they don’t even know, might never meet. While this dedication is necessary for any growth in our cultural consciousness, it can be difficult to find time and energy for a creative outlet.

To create a sense of balance with his day job, Gene would work with his partner Chris Kochevar (JoAann Fabrixx), Kris Sutton (KS), Tyler Cherry (Rose), Will Narracci (PWRPUFF), and Jake Stronko (Yasha), to build the behemoth of the party Flower Factory. Out of nowhere, the crew has moved in lock step to build a community like out of ether, gathering throngs of eager supporters at every event. This creation allows an outlet and community that provides a non judgmental place to be true to oneself, practice creativity, and take artistic risks.

Flower Factory feels a lot like Gene and Chris’ drag closet. Largely encouraged by Yasha’s photography, party goers show up in outfits and moods that declare provocative statements of freedom. Leather, feathers, and fish nets of deep hues and bright shades are a no brainer. The dance floor, adorned with lush flora and cascading lights, becomes a sanctuary where the boundaries of gender blur, and love transcends definitions. Ecstatic dancers, adorned in sparkling attire, mirror the effervescence and beauty found in the blooming world of flora and flow like petals.

The residents themselves join in on the festivities with open arms as they man the helm of this queer utopia. With their own flavors of pomp, they are stunning visions of grace and kindness as they embrace a kaleidoscope of expression amidst an enchanting realm of their own creation. This celebration of individuality invites partygoers to unleash their authentic selves, immerse in the euphoria, and revel in the freedom.

The party cultivates a vibrant spectacle that transcends the ordinary nightclub experience. Every gathering is a meticulous testament to the emancipating power of dance music. Curated to create a safe and inclusive space, all attendees are encouraged to embrace their truest forms towards a more accepting world where the dance floor becomes a canvas for loving, where the colors of the human spectrum can merge towards something beautiful. Experiencing Flower Factory is like wandering through a garden of dreams, where colors and sounds blend and intertwine into something harmonious but otherworldly.

The music, selected by visionary queer DJs and performers, creates an artistic sanctuary with house chords and techno rhythms towards unification, self-discovery, and liberation. The members of this chosen family embrace and find solace in each other. The infectious happiness can feel intoxicating.

As this country lives through cycles of vilifying foreigners, fear mongering and ignorance serve to confuse us and make us afraid of people we have more in common with than we know. Under the guise of being a welcoming place, a haven for the weak and persecuted, we make the same mistakes of closing our doors and building our walls. But to vilify those we don’t know is the easy way out.

The weight of the American Dream, and the complexities and significances that come along with it, calls for continual and iterative introspection. All dreams have the capacity to transcend boundaries and ignite buds of progress, no matter who is dreaming them. The ideal should stand as a beacon of hope in the vast landscape of human aspirations, an embodiment of the very essence of the human spirit. Our truest strength should lie in our willingness to challenge inequality towards making the American dream not just a symbol of hope but a tangible reality.

The extraordinary achievements between an Ivy League university, the US civil service, and the spectacle of Flower Factory are a testament to this boundless potential. Gene embodies this courage to envision a better tomorrow that’s buttressed by a lasting influence of the resilience to overcome obstacles, with the audacity to pursue the seemingly unattainable. Falling into complacency isn’t even considered. The fight is worth it.

Gene proves that over and over again.

Find Gail Force One on Instagram and SoundCloud. Follow Flower Factory for news on their events.

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EF60 Hope Forgives by Dvonne

Noxeema Jackson Resident Dvonne Infuses Extended Family With A Defiant Yet Fun DJ Mix Of Techno Bliss.

EXTENDED FAMILY 60: Hope Forgives

Toma Kami – Negative Extasy
Room 5 – Hidden Sun
Royksopp & Robyn – Monument (Olof Dreijer Remix)
Sidney Charles – Catch the Beat
Michael Magnan – Alright Um
Shygirl – Tasty (Boys Noize Extended Dub)
Doss – Jumpin’
Chloe Robinson & DJ ADHD – Pax (Four Tet Remix)
K-HAND – Sound 6
Dopplereffekt – Superior Race
Fiedel – Doors To Manual
Putamaria (feat. MORENXXX)
Nikki Nair & DJ ADHD – Dis One
Lakim – A Pimp Named Slickback
Young Lychee – F33lings2
Black Rave Culture – Sub Poppin
Rhyw – Kirkhusa
FKA twigs – darjeeling (feat jorja smith & unknown t)

In 1993, community representatives in Washington DC would respond to an apparent need for specialized services for underage sex workers, especially in regards to their health. Since its inception, HIPS (Honoring Individual Power & Strength) has grown into a comprehensive program providing a variety of services for sex workers, drug users, and their communities. Their mission and vision statement reads as follows: 

HIPS advances the health rights and dignity, of people and communities impacted by sex work and drug use by providing non-judgmental harm reduction services, advocacy, and community engagement led by those with lived experience. 

We envision a world where all people can use their power to live healthy and self-determined lives free from stigma, violence, criminalization, or oppression. 

At the HIPS Center for Health and Achievement, some expansive services find a home where those in need can find support. The drop in center offers mental and physical health services including medication assisted treatment, needle exchanges, access to community computers, showers, clothing, laundry services, and expert guidance towards housing navigation. The center also offers support groups for drug maintenance, goal setting, art therapy, and other thoughtful programs. They have a 24-hour crisis hotline that works towards harm reduction, overdose education and reversal, and safer sex materials for sex workers, drug users, those returning to the society from the penal system, and others in need. 

The selector presenting installment 60 of Extended Family, Devon Trotter aka Dvonne, was asked to DJ a HIPS pride party in 2016 and developed a deeper attachment with the group’s mission and the wonderful individuals he met there. As of January 1st, 2023, Trotter was elected the board chair of HIPS. This role must fit like a glove for Dvonne, who serves as a certified life coach and seems eager to help where he can. Volunteer roles include peer mentorship with Whitman Walker Health in a mentorship group called Currents, as well as a fundraiser on the SMYAL Fall Brunch Gala planning committee. Devon raised over $1.1Mil for the organization during his service as co-chair of the committee for three years from 2019-2021. 

Oceanic Inspiration

Dvonne was born in Salisbury, Maryland on the Eastern Shore but moved to Smithsfield, Virginia at 5 years old, under the sounds of RnB, soul, house, gospel, and was raised in a Baptist family mostly by his mother and step father, Hope, who Dvonne adored and cherished as his primary father figure. He attended Wicomico High before becoming the first in his family to reach higher education at the College of William and Mary. When Hope was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in August of 2022 and given only months to live, Dvonne would begin an extended period of sorrow, past Hope’s death in October of the same year and into the present. Dvonne would lose his job as Senior Advisor to the President of an international climate non profit the day after losing Hope in October of 2022, only two months after the diagnosis, adding a pressure of a different dimension and starting an extended period of sorrow.

Dvonn’s credits his early influences of RnB and gospel merged with an affinity for metal as providing the soundtrack towards his journey with techno. He feels that music is embedded in the fabric of his DNA, expressed via family reunions, school dances, and cassette tapes of his early memories. He recalls how the Very Best of Love compilation by Luther Vandross on cassette sparked his imagination as he rinsed it over and over again in obsessive satisfaction. In later formative years, his friend David would introduce him to metal by way of Metallica, Nirvana, Rob Zombie, and other metal bands that thrived in the mid 90s. In high school, Trotter would receive a glimpse into formal training in the concert choir as a baritone.

All these experiences gave him the foundation to start throwing parties as soon as settling in DC in 2009. His first was a monthly party called Pink Sock! At Wonderland Ballroom and onto Sunday School, and CTRL, as well as performing at Echostage, the 9:30 Club, U Street Music Hall, the Black Cat, Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club, the Kennedy Center, and the Hirshhorn Museum. He credits Extended Family member Tommy C as his DJ mom, sharing his mixing knowledge so that Trotter could start Djing his own parties. Devon recalls coming home from a date in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, making his way down Florida Ave and, by circumstance, past his old apartment which sparked nostalgia and gratitude for his artistic journey. This was a fortuitous setting to be approached by the Noxeema Jackson collective of DC in 2021 through Ayo Dawkins, described by Dvonne as a “mastermind.” Ayo is a force of a party promoter in DC with a steady practice in creating safe spaces through a techno purist flavor. Dvonne’s penchant for dance music mixed with his insistence on activism makes him a perfect fit for the team.

Thix mix for Extended Family serves as a resounding dedication to Dvonne’s stepfather Hope. Although in grief, the music feels celebratory, full of gratitude, uplifting and warm. Free downloads and tracklists attached to every mix.   

Follow Dvonne
IG: @dvonneofficial & @party_at_noxys Twitter: @devotrot FB: dvonnedj & Noxeema Jackson SoundCloud: dvonnedj”

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EF59 Y2K Techno Bliss by DJ Land Reform

DJ Land Reform Bookends 2022 With A Dance Ready Techno Mix For Extended Family.

EF59 Y2K Techno Bliss

Laurel Halo – Wow
Roelz – Deep Forest (DJ Misjah Remix)
Tony Thomas – Inner Contact
Robin Porter & Mike Carr – Fathernature (Mateo Murphy Remix)
Umek – Cartex
Valentino Kanzyani – Low Frequencies
Chaos – Afrogermanic
Adam Beyer – Pump 4 (With DJ Niko)
Talamus – Fish Eye
Pete Simpson – Work That Booty
Cristian Varela – Voltage Loops
Mr. Sliff – Rippin And Dipping
Backspin Boyz – Sour
Surgeon – La Real
Jack De Marseille – La Danse Des Mots
Cheap Knob Gags – Rub It Off
Herman Funker III – Rhino Rhythm Section
Jeff Cochran & Adam Winick – FOR003 A1
DJ Bone – Our Brothers (Black)
Stryke – Run To You
Sina M Solouk – Free Love
Simmer – Hardrive

Northern Virginia pushes producers and DJs into DC all the time, and this Arlington native has called the DMV home since he was three. Spring boarding from his dad’s experience in college radio, Clyde trained as a percussionist early on with a diet of Bestie Boys, Frank Zappa, A Tribe Called Quest, and Parliament/Funkadelic. It’s fitting that Clyde’s entry into electronic music was shaped through an obsession with Animal Collective, a psychedelic electronic band based in the DMV area.

In 2019, Clyde would team up with GABBERBITCH69 for the inception of 140+ at Studio Ga Ga, a space that no longer exists. 140+ has worked with another party, FWB (Friends With Benefits), to create a hardcore and joy filled, laser and fog adorned haven for listeners The parties are fucking fun. Skyler (Get Face) joined the project to create a dream team of eager and hard working talent that strive to out do themselves with every event.