Tag: Drum and Bass

  • Toe the Line EP

    Toe the Line EP

    RBCHMBRS pushes the boundaries of sample-based production, drawing inspiration from hip-hop instrumentals and the groovy, upbeat sound of UKG to create a sound that is rich in depth and nuance. RBCHMBRS’ latest release, the Toe the Line EP, is a departure from his previous work, aiming for a more stripped-down sound that is less experimental…

  • Passports EP

    Passports EP

    A release by RBCHMBRS 1432R013 Liquid Dream A brooding and innovative development of this artist’s 3rd release on the label – RBCHMBRS continues to add testaments to the diversity and creativity of whats become his own nameless genre – The Passports EP contains 4 tracks that are journeys within journeys in a timeless space.