Tag: Experimental

  • Passports EP

    Passports EP

    A release by RBCHMBRS 1432R013 Liquid Dream A brooding and innovative development of this artist’s 3rd release on the label – RBCHMBRS continues to add testaments to the diversity and creativity of whats become his own nameless genre – The Passports EP contains 4 tracks that are journeys within journeys in a timeless space.

  • Estrella EP

    Estrella EP

    By RBCHMBRS The Estrella EP by RBCHMBRS is a sonic journey through a dreamlike world of textured beats, haunting melodies, and bugged out takes on melody. With its richly layered production and intricate soundscapes, this EP invites creative and musically inclined listeners to explore the limitless possibilities of electronic music. RBCHMBRS effortlessly blends genres and…