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Max D debuts on 1432 R with fourth album, Many Any LP

Listen to a new track, ‘Fly Around The Room’, now.

Max D, AKA Andrew Field-Pickering, has returned with a new album, Many Any.

The Future Times co-founder’s fourth full-length as Max D will arrive via Washington label 1432 R and is his first since his 2016 album Boost. Listen to a new track, ‘Fly Around The Room’, below.

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Rise by Dawit & Dolo

By Philip Sherburne

No matter what selfish instincts may drive Capitol Hill these days, the collective spirit has always ruled D.C.’s music community: Just see the vast family tree of punk’s iconic Dischord Records, for example, or the extensive web of connections behind the Positive Force collective. In recent years, the same has proven to be true of the city’s electronic music scene, as labels like Future Times and 1432 R have fostered a collaborative free-for-all among left-field producers. The duo of Dawit & Dolo represents a high-level summit between those two imprints, pairing 1432 R co-founder Dawit Eklund with Future Times’ Max D (Andrew Field-Pickering, aka Maxmillion Dunbar). Neither is a stranger to garbled frequencies or knotty constructions, which makes the clarity of their new house track, “Rise,” particularly striking. 

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