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Soso Tharpa: Upcycled Sonics

Soso Tharpa’s ingenuity spills out of his tracks – they bristle with energy and land with such a punch you imagine banks of sought-after synthesizers and premium signal chains, meters tickling the reds but smoothed out by a high-end console. But the Washington DC-based producer doesn’t believe that more tools bring about better music. Since he began his music production journey almost by accident after purchasing a MIDI keyboard and discovering the bundled copy of Live, he’s focused on pursuing sound through the immediate means at his disposal and avoided the creative cul-de-sac of over-abundance. 

“I didn’t have the hardest of upbringings but I had to do with what I had many times in my life,” explains Tharpa, real name Michael Aniekwe, as we chat on a video call, “and I feel like you hear that with my music. I’ll use the same sample in three different tracks, but people will never know just because of the way I processed it.” 

Aniekwe could be considered early in his career due to his concise discography, but behind the veil of publicly available music are many years spent developing his sound. Since arriving at a point where he was ready to release something out into the world, he’s chosen to keep focused on why he wanted to make music and not subscribe to the demands of the modern age, where productivity and visibility are supposed to equal success. His music has reached respected labels and DJs without the industry-approved pathways of PR and networking, serving as a heartening reminder that genuine talent shines through no matter what.


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EF47 Elastic by Soso Tharpa

Soso Tharpa’s bass heavy expression somehow still conveys a gorgeous and infectious lightness of being.

EF47 Elastic By Soso Tharpa

Ruxpin – Routine Retirement of a Replicant
Foodman – Percussion
Syclops – Spin Cycle
Bep Koroti – Pororonga
Toma Kami – Dali Bear
Linkwood – Nae Drama
Scratcha DVA – Step 2 Funky
Leikeli47 – Girl Blunt (Garneau Bootleg)
Leonce – Penetration Testing
TC80 – Virtual Cascades
Cop Envy – Leisure
Laksa – It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before
soso tharpa – The Easy Wy Out
Batu & Lurka – Curved
Maxmillion Dunbar – Cassette Arabic
Kowton – Doing Nothing
Ovid – Pressure Plate
Akito – Sneak Diss edit
soso tharpa – drive slow thru (Georgia Avenue)
Flørist – Horn

Check out Soso Tharpa’s Truancy volume here.

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Soso Tharpa – Evolution EP – Boomkat Product Review

Evolution EP Cover Art

Deep but tuff, offbeat house and rolling techno mutations from 1432 R’s secret weapon, Soso Tharpa, fresh from his ace slot on BenUFO’s Rinse FM show.

Marking the Washington D.C. label’s first move since 2020, the ‘Evolution’ EP balances classic and contemporary modes in aN expressive suite of club styles rooted in African rhythms. As with Tharpa’s tracks on Future Times’ ‘FIGS’ comp and Bon Appetit’s ‘A Slice of The Pie’ set, it’s all strong tackle for DJs and dancers, summoning a lather of stuttering Jersey kicks and hypnotic vocal motifs in ‘Action’, before hewing to a ruggedly electroid jakbeat template in the title tune, and spacing out with swirling drums and lush, meditative tension of ‘Hajj’ like some A Guy Called Gerald groover, and giving it up for classic NYC technohouse in the beautifully buoyant flex of ‘Ruminating on Blue’.

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soso tharpa announces “Evolution” EP

Soso Tharpa Press Shot

The project is scheduled for a February 24 release.

soso tharpa has announced his first release of the year. Evolution EP will drop February 24 via 1432 R.

“The cats out of the bag, the record I made for 1432r three years ago is being released,” the Washington D.C. artist said on his social media.

According to the write up on Boomkat, the record is said to balance “classic and contemporary modes in an expressive suite of club styles rooted in African rhythms,” imbued with “stuttering Jersey kicks” and “classic NYC technohouse.”

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