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  • Toe the Line EP

    Toe the Line EP

    RBCHMBRS pushes the boundaries of sample-based production, drawing inspiration from hip-hop instrumentals and the groovy, upbeat sound of UKG to create a sound that is rich in depth and nuance. RBCHMBRS’ latest release, the Toe the Line EP, is a departure from his previous work, aiming for a more stripped-down sound that is less experimental…

  • New Life by Dawit Eklund

    New Life by Dawit Eklund

    “New Life” is a pitch-perfect tribute to sweaty mornings on the dancefloor – A review by Madison Bloom in Pitchfork

  • Lies Are Chic by Dawit Eklund

    Lies Are Chic by Dawit Eklund

    By Philip Sherburne Surly sounds are rarely as invigorating—or even liberating—as they are on “Lies Are Chic”, the quick-stepping, shadow-boxing new jam from Dawit Eklund, co-founder of Washington, D.C.’s 1432 R. It’s all in that gnarly square-wave bassline, which doesn’t even sound like notes so much as an ellipsis made of snarls, or a string of pearls the…