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D.C. DJ Sami brings a secret weapon to his dance music: A flute

“Way Up,” a standout track on Sami’s “Elevate” EP — his first collection of new music in nearly five years — begins down a path that will be familiar to those who have heard the music he’s produced, DJed or released on 1432 R, the label he co-founded: Chitter-chatter percussion and percolating bass give way to hands-in-air rave synths, which sync up to an interlocking rhythm.

But the journey soon diverges, with the sound of something unfamiliar in most club music: wind-in-the-woods flute, as if Pan is beckoning the listener off the wall and onto the dance floor. And that’s not a sample or synthesizer; it’s Sami himself.

“If you had told me when I was a kid that I was going to be making dance music with [the flute], I would have laughed,” he says. “Everybody’s got a voice, and the flute is definitely a medium through which I express mine.”

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